Yesterday we got over 30 comments on a variety of posts, and I was stoked! The comments seem intelligent at first blush, and don’t contain any links… so I didn’t think they were spam. That is, until I started trying match them up with the subject of the posts. For example, on the post about Automating Tasks in a CMIS Repo, which discusses python, there was a comment that discussed a particular python API… only, that API did not have anything to do with the post and did not follow logically with the post it was replying to.

There are others which related particular problems about XSLT… but don’t really ask a question or have anything to do with DITA. Like this one,

"hi Mukul,i have a problem. Can you 
plesae provide me a good suggestion.the expalnation for the problem
is as follows: i have a xslt code which transforms a xml to xsd.
i want to throw an error as the output when i execute the xslt if
the schema generated by the xslt is not valid. So this should stop
the schema generation also. so the output should only be an error
message without the generation of the schemas"

That almost makes sense, except that there are no approved comments by “Makul”. Or this one,

If you’re pursuing the beenift of XML to get the separation between
form and content, why do you want to reintroduce the requirement to
do output by hand?

OK, fair question… only the original comment was about a Facebook like button. So bizarre.

At any rate, I just deleted a ton of comments from the queue–my sincere apologies if any of them were legit. I’m pretty sure the multi-page poem in Japanese, along with the English translation, was not legit. But still… why?

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