Customizing PDF output is hard. Start with this plugin!

One of the biggest obstacles many new DITA adopters face is customizing Cheap England football shirts output to suit their organization’s branding and quality expectations. To help out, I’ve started a PDF plugin sourceforge Cheap Real Madrid football shirts project with the goal of providing common customizations, as well as documentation and pointers on how to take the customization further.

Let’s face it: authoring DITA is one thing, but writing XSL:FO is a whole ‘nother story. The “mypdf” plugin, as it is called, includes the following (among other things):

  • A title page logo, which you can replace
  • Page breaks that made sense cheap football kits to me – you can change them, though
  • Custom header and footer text and formatting
  • Changes to heading sizes and spacing
  • Custom note and warning images, which of course you can change
  • A slew of attribute set overrides that you can edit and add to in order to change the appearance of Cheap Manchester United football shirts whichever elements you choose
I’d be remiss if I did not give a shout-out to Jarno Elovirta, who developed an awesome, web-based PDF plugin generator, that let’s you change a number of default layout settings. I started with the plugin created from Cheap AC Milan football shirts his tool. Jarno, we’ve never met or spoken, but thank you!

6 thoughts on “Customizing PDF output is hard. Start with this plugin!

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  2. Thanks for the DITA Generator mention. I’ll take a look at your mypdf plug-in and will try to reprocuce as many ideas as possible, to contribute back. Some of the features are already there, like changing the heading styling. For changing the note images and such, I would like to have a set of “brand configurations”; each branding would have matching note images, fonts and colours, page layout. Basically what e.g. WordPress has for themes.

    • That’d be awesome if you could specify a cover image, note images, and perhaps chapter cover page branding, all in one place. I think that’d make a huge difference to new users!

  3. I was looking for this software since a long time. I would like to thank Jarno Elovirta for developing such a beautiful software. I will download the code and will use the online generator as well.

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