Python, LXML, and setting xml:lang

Having trouble figuring out how to script the @xml:lang attribute?

For a DITA document that contains a single language, the highest level element (i.e. map, concept, task, etc.) that contains content should set the @xml:lang attribute to the language that applies to the document.

The question: How do I set the @xml:lang attribute using lxml? Everyone seems confused on the forums. Continue reading

Automating useful tasks within a CMIS repository

I started a project a while back to curb some of the less-efficient tasks for my Alfresco-based CMS.  My main target: eliminate the painfully slow file check-in process.  My goal: create a per-user bulk check-in method.

If you’re curious about how far you can get with some fairly basic scripting gusto, a good place to start is with the Apache Chemistry project.  Continue reading