Mobile DITA Content with jQuery

Hello ditaverse, I’ve started a new sourceforge project – creating a toolkit plugin to produce mobile- and tablet-friendly xHTML from DITA content. The plugin leverages the jQuery Mobile framework to create some pretty slick-looking pages. As it is currently set up, it takes a single map, with chunk set to-content, and produces a single HTML document with the appropriate jQuery Mobile markup to turn each topic into a mobile “page.”

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New Links Added

I added a few new Cheap England football shirts links to the sidebar:

The Single Sorceress: a blog by cheap football tops my good friend, Paula Toth. She has years of experience working with Cheap Barcelona football shirts structured data, DITA and otherwise, as well as with CMS implementations.

DITA LiveDTD by Sagehill: a fully cheap football kits hyperlinked set of DITA 1.2 DTDs. If you are customizing or specializing, this resource is invaluable.

DITA Customization and Specialization Tutorials: a set of how-to’s for, you guessed it, customizing and specializing DITA, written by cheap football shirts Eliot Kimber.

Customizing PDF output is hard. Start with this plugin!

One of the biggest obstacles many new DITA adopters face is customizing Cheap England football shirts output to suit their organization’s branding and quality expectations. To help out, I’ve started a PDF plugin sourceforge Cheap Real Madrid football shirts project with the goal of providing common customizations, as well as documentation and pointers on how to take the customization further.

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