Python, LXML, and setting xml:lang

Having trouble figuring out how to script the @xml:lang attribute?

For a DITA document that contains a single language, the highest level element (i.e. map, concept, task, etc.) that contains content should set the @xml:lang attribute to the language that applies to the document.

The question: How do I set the @xml:lang attribute using lxml? Everyone seems confused on the forums.

The answer: It’s a special case.

from lxml import etree

tree = etree.parse('<map><topicref href="someFile"/><topicref href="otherFile"/></map>')

root = tree.getroot()
attr = root.attrib
attr['{}lang'] = "en-us"

That’s it.  Once you know the trick, it’s fairly easy to script for your translation needs.

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